Brand values

We believe that:

Yappco cosmetics help to take care of beauty in a comprehensive and holistic way, respecting our surroundings. We believe that our beauty is influenced not only by what we apply to the skin, but also by what we eat, how our environment, beliefs and lifestyle affect us. Therefore, the pillars for the Yappco brand are:

  • nature – the source of Yappco ingredients,
  • organicity – we pay attention to how natural ingredients are grown and obtained,
  • veganism – raw materials of plant origin only,
  • cruelty free – making no harm to our animal friends,
  • natural environment – our surrounding we have impact on and which consequently affects us,
  • diet – the awareness of what we eat and how it affects us, with the consideration for the environment,
  • beliefs – understood as holding onto the above-mentioned values, but also as a lifestyle and an attitude to life,
  • carbon footprint reduction – reduction of greenhouse gas emission in the production of the very products and their ingredients,
  • sustainable production – production using processes and systems which allow for reduction of its adverse impact on the environment and the community,
  • environmental responsibility – we pay attention to the method of obtaining raw materials, making sure it does not have a negative impact on the environment, e.g. if the agricultural land has not been obtained by burning forests,
  • zero waste – which means minimizing the environmental impact of packaging and production waste, including their recycling and processing.

Our efforts are preserve human glamour and health, and to protect the beauty and naturalness of the environment, including its inhabitants.

Symbiosis with the natural environment.

The Yappco brand does not solely focus on beauty products and their short-term influence on our skin. The question is: how do synthetic or petroleum substances influence a human body, especially in the long term? How do they affect the environment after being rinsed from the skin? Do they get with the sewage into the rivers, the environment and then return to us in the plants or seafood we consume?

We are absolutely sure that over the millions of years of coexistence with the natural environment, human body has adapted to it. Therefore, there is nothing better than natural materials, which have been used for thousands of years in the traditional care. Today we possess an invaluable asset - science with biotechnology at the forefront. It helps us use the goods of nature in a more effective and conscious way. Also, this is science that made us aware of a disastrous impact of synthetic chemicals, often based on petroleum, on our body and the environment.

Skin is not only your beauty advocate, but also a barrier protecting the body against the penetration of external chemical compounds. However, it is a barrier for active substances contained in beauty products, too. Thus, it makes it hard to deliver them through the epidermis into the dermis. That is why you should act from the inside - by a proper diet, and by balanced and effective natural substances. Soon, the Yappco brand will present the result of a long-term research of our cosmetologists in cooperation with dieticians and dermatologists – products which support your skin, hair and nails from the inside, giving the best results to your beauty and health.

We should be aware of the fact that our negative impact on the environment and the climate change are not environmentalists’ mere fabrications. We should realize that what we introduce into the environment, sooner or later, will come back to us in the form of food contaminant and air or water pollution. It is already known that microplastics, used in standard cosmetics and care products, are found in fish or in the air.

Factors influencing our beauty are our beliefs, an attitude towards life, and a mental condition. The best results are achieved if we treat ourselves and the environment in a holistic and a comprehensive way, consciously applying the rules of body care combined with the care for the environment. We cannot just stay focused on the effects of using a care product. In everyday life, we need to respect the environment and affect it in a sustainable manner. We should be aware that what goes around comes around, and sooner or later, to a bigger or a smaller extent, what we introduce into the environment will come back to us. We do realize that our mood, especially stress, affects our beauty as well. Therefore, the attitude towards life and our feelings also have an effect on our beauty and our healthy appearance. The mission of the Yappco brand of natural beauty products in a nutshell: Our efforts are directed at making the best use of human intelligence and talents along with the latest achievements of biotechnology, in order to preserve human beauty and health, and to protect the beauty and naturalness of the environment, including its inhabitants. We want to achieve a harmonious coexistence between us and our home – the Earth, both for ourselves and for the future generations. We are constantly developing in the changing world, striving for perfection embodied in nature.