Why Yappco

3 Naturalness, because it makes you healthy and take care of your beauty effectively. 4 veganbecause cosmetics do not contain zoonotic ingredients 1 Apples are the base of cosmetics, because it is a rich source of effective dermatological substance. 2 Hydration is the basis because it starts with him in skin care. 7 Simplicity and cosmetic minimalism, because a cosmetic can be good without use unnecessary ingredients, and "less is more" 8 Eco-friendly packaging, because even plastic can be made from a plant and a recycled cardboard box. 5 Cruelty freebecause we don't want to hurt youcreatures and we do not test on animals 6 Certificationbecause no worries we check the behavior the highest standards 9 environmentally friendly production, because less resources can be usedand pollute the environment less. 10 no waste, because all the elements of the product are raw materials for recycling 3 Naturalnessas it allows for healthyand effective beauty care. 4 Veganism - as our products do not contain animal-derived ingredients. 1 The products are apple-based as apples are a rich source of dermatologically effective substances. 2 Moisturizing is fundamental as it is where skin care begins. 7 Simplicity and a skincare diet - as a care product may be even better without unnecessary ingredients, and thus our motto is: “less is more”. 8 ecological packaging, as it is possible to make plastic-like packaging from plants, and a cardboard box from recycled paper. 5 Cruelty free - as our principle is not to harm any living creatures, and so our products are not tested on animals. 6 Certification - as we do not fear to have our products checked for complying with the highest standards. 9 Eco-friendly manufacturing as it is possible to limit the use of resources, and this way reduce the negative impact on the environment. 10 No waste - as all components of the final products are recyclable.