Name origin

The origin of the brand name of natural cosmetics – Yappco.

The range of our products is based on two fundamental pillars: active ingredients obtained from apples and a revolutionary moisturizing substance y-PGA.


Y      comes from γ-PGA.

APP  comes from apple

WHAT    stand for Whatsmetics


Therefore, from the combination of the passion and over 20 years experience for creating cosmetics and from “love for the localness”, meaning using apples, which are the speciality of our region, we have created the Yappco brand – comprehensively caring about your beauty and health.

Applesare extremely beneficial for human body both internally - as food, and externally - as a cosmetic. They are a treasury of anti-aging antioxidants, nourishing vitamins, improving skin texture minerals, and moisturizing AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids).

The basis in skin, hair and nail care, regardless of their type and age, is moisturizing. γ-PGA (Gamma-Poly-Glutamic-Acid)) is a natural substance formed by microorganisms whose moisturizing property outperforms hyaluronic acid many times.