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Are cosmetics really natural and vegan?

Along with the constantly growing trend for environmental awareness, everyday life in the spirit of being eco has become not only a fashion, but above all, a lifestyle. This awareness helps you make the right choices both for the sake of your own health and the nature that surrounds you. It means the responsibility for the present and future. A particularly strong ecological trend can be noticed in the beauty industry, where manufacturers offer an expanding range of natural products.

Unfortunately, for a vast number of cosmetics and care products available on the market, the labels on their packaging, such as „natural”, „vegan”, „bio” or „eco” often remain an empty statement, as the very products have, in fact, very little to do with what they are aspiring to be. Manufacturers often overuse these fashionable marketing words in order to increase sales. This phenomenon is called “greenwashing” or “ecofake”. The deceptive practices are possible due to the lack of legal regulations regarding eco-labeling.

However, there is a way to recognize whether the composition of the cosmetic or a care product is truly natural or vegan. There are certificates granted by reliable international organizations which deal with confirming the naturalness or veganity of products, independently of the brand owner.

Yappco cosmetics are proud of having certificates granted by the most reliable organizations: Ecocert Group and The Vegan Society.

Certificates of independent organizations

Natural and 100% vegan Yappco products are proud of having certificates granted by the most reliable organizations: Ecocert Group and The Vegan Society.



Ecocert Group Ecocert Group is the largest organization in the world, which have been granting certificates confirming the use of naturalness of the highest standard by i.a. cosmetics for over thirty years. It controls many aspects related to products: ingredients, formulas, packaging, manufacturing process, content of labels and promotional materials. Our Yappco products, whose ingredients have been in 100% certified by Ecocert, have been fully adapted to the criteria set by the French organization. They include:


  • minimum 95% ingredients of natural origin,
  • environmentally friendly manufacturing processes,
  • respect for human health,
  • responsible use of the environment,
  • respect for biodiversity,
  • absence of GMO,
  • recyclable packaging,
  • true declarations on labels and promotional materials,
  • precise and standardized calculation of the amount of natural ingredients.

Moreover, when granting a certificate, Ecocert applies the requirements of the COSMOS standard. It is a set of guidelines of various certifying organizations that agreed upon requirements and created a globally recognized standard of the highest quality.





The Vegan Societyis a vegan organization operating since 1944. The Vegan certificate it grants guarantees that both the product and its ingredients have been created with no use, harm or exploitation of animals. The products must not contain any produced by animals or animal-derived ingredients such as for example, honey, milk or lanolin. This requirement applies to the final products, as well as the manufacturing process, in which there can be no animal-derived ingredients. The product or its ingredients must not be tested on animals.